RX Slatwall Bay - Wall Unit

Type of Unit: Starter
Dimensions: 19.5 x 10 x 84 in


UNITED STORE FIXTURES has engineered a beautifully designed, 2” on center metal slatwall back Pharmacy Bay. On the market for five years, it is getting rave reviews. This bay system is so advanced that it is patented. It is made for low cost long distance shipping. Each panel is 20” high and fits into small cartons. It is very easy to assemble and most important, the system is made to be a strong free standing unit with adjustable base levelers. You no longer have to brace the center shelving runs to a wall for support like you have to do with the other manufacturers’ systems. Our bays stand alone. The Permanent Bay upper shelf is made so the pharmacist can move the shelf easily while the product is still on the shelf. Best of all, the upper shelf can also sit in the grooves of regular slatwall. How convenient. United Store Fixtures is the only company in America, if not the world, making a shelf like this. Now the pharmacy department can put more shelves on the walls or on the columns. Decorative side panels are also available for the end caps. Please call for more information.


United Permanent RX Slatwall Bay Starter/Add-On Wall Unit. Upper Drop Shelves are sold separately.


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